Waseda Alumni

Waseda Alumni

The diversity of Waseda University's Alumni
gives us dynamism and energy.
School ties of Waseda Alumni are always with you.
Join the worldwide Waseda Alumni network.

Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA) has been working to enlarge its organization nationwide and worldwide since its 1885 inauguration which was the year after the first students of Waseda graduated from the university.

The Overseas Tomonkai has been especially deepening exchanges among a wide range of people such as students from abroad, their family members and friends.

Membership qualification

Full membership: Alumni of Waseda University, Faculty alumni, Recommended alumni, Honorary doctor of Waseda University
Associate membership: Students enrolled in undergraduate courses at Waseda University
All graduates of Waseda University are called "Koyu (Alumni)" and automatically become full members of WUAA upon graduation.
Number of members: approx. 600,000 (as of April 2014)

For non-graduates please visit the following websites: