Geneva Tomonkai

About the Geneva Tomonkai

Geneva Tomonkai was established in 2000 to deepen interaction among Waseda graduates living in Geneva and its neighboring countries; Switzerland and France. Today, we have little more than 10 members. Given its location, majority of members are working in international organizations and government institutions.

We cherish the cozy atmosphere derived from small group of members. We hold not only ordinary meetings but also social gatherings on regular basis where the family of members can also participate in (e.g. barbecue at the member’s house, picnic, etc). At the end of last year, we held joint social gathering with Geneva Mitakai of Keio University for the first time and bowed to further deepen exchange in the future.

Tokyo branch by the members who went back to Japan is scheduled to be established.

Geneva Tomonkai website:

Joint Social Gathering with Geneva Mitakai

The attractive points of Geneva

“The world is divided into 5 continents; Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Geneva.” That is what a French foreign minister Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord said who played an important role in the international politics from the end of the 18th century. It seems Geneva had the unique neutrality and internationality, and strong presence as other continents. After the 18th century, Headquarter of the League of Nation (present: United Nations Office at Geneva) was built in the north shore of Lake Léman from which you can see Mont Blanc, followed by World Trade Organization (WTO), World Health Organization (WHO) and other international organizations. Geneva still serves as “the world’s meeting place”. On the other hand, old and traditional private banks converge on the south shore of the lake, where many wealthy people from all over the world walk through.

Still, the population of Geneva is a little less than 200,000, which means less than that in local cities of Japan. Unlike the image of international city and financial center, Geneva is rich in green and nature, and has no hustle and bustle of the big cities. If you drive for 15 minute, you can meet cows, horses, and sheep. You can also get to many leisure places like golf course, ski resort, and of course, Lake Léman, just 30 minutes drive! Members of Geneva Tomonkai enjoy their lives both privately and on business in the mysteriously attractive 5th “continent”.

United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG)

Mont Blanc View from UNOG

Message from the Chairman

It may not be well-known, but in the 16th century, Geneva was amid the Protestant Reformation where the leader Jean Calvin took the reins of republican government. When I was in Waseda University, a professor Heita Kawakatsu mentioned a book “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” written by a German sociologist, Max Weber, during his lecture of “English Economics Book Reading”. He said “Rationality and spirit of work performance under Calvinism fit to a spirit of modern capitalism.”

Calvin imposed strict regulations to Geneva City, while Geneva citizens who were much interested in commerce and industry and work hard in an austere manner under Calvin. As a result Geneva transformed into a hub of watch manufacturing in the world. Geneva has various attractions; beautiful nature, international city, and a city of religious reform.

All of us always welcome Waseda graduates to Geneva!
Michiko Enomoto (Graduated in School of Political Science and Economics / Economist, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe)

Flower Clock in English Garden

Messages from the Members

From the Northwest of Mont Blanc

Old private banks, which have specialized in asset management and operation for wealthy people, obscurely stand all around the city of Geneva without any flashy signs. Despite its location at the center of Europe, Switzerland is different from other European countries. The country maintains unique currency and financial system, and has silently and robustly survived until now. It is not so easy to be a customer of those private banks because you have to deposit at least several hundreds of millions of yen. However, private banks provide not only asset management service, but also advice of company management, health care, children educations, and so forth. So, why don’t you visit a private bank and be a customer?
Yoichi Murata (Graduated in 1984, School of Political Science and Economics / Private Banker)

As soon as I hear the word “Waseda alumni”, I feel intimacy. Waseda’s connection goes out of Geneva and spreads into the whole European countries, all because Geneva is such a country which is located at the center of Europe and we are such a small group. I enjoy Waseda life far better than when I was a student of Waseda as I acquainted Geneva Tomonkai members from a variety of industries and in various generations. I am so happy to enter Waseda University!
Sumiko Matsuo (Graduated in 1988, School of Commerce / Interpreter and Translator)

It is my second stay in Geneva. My goal this time is “to increase interactions with communities other than international institutions”. Since I became a member of Tomonkai, I have met many Waseda graduates in various fields who are living in Geneva, and expanded social network. It reflects the lyrics of Waseda’s school song;
Her students change from year to year,
Meet and part with youth’s delight,
Yet all alike we seek to share
These ideals and their light.

Hikaru Kozuki (Graduated in 1996, School of Political Science and Economics / UNHCR)

In Japan, I was too into Waseda University and its Cheerleading Club even after graduation, so I had been depressed here in Geneva by the fact I would be away from Waseda. However, I did find Tomonkai in Geneva!! I cannot physically do cheerleading in Jingu Stadium in Tokyo, but I will send this yell to Waseda: Hurray Hurray WASEDA! (Like a yodel)
Tsutomu Mizutani (Graduated in 2000, School of Law / The Permanent Mission of Japan to the UN)

Jet d’Eau in Lake Léman. The giant fountain reaches to as tall as 140 meters

Realizing EU Tomonkai

Until recently, no exchange among Tomonkais in Europe had been made. However, we found that Keio’s Mitakai members were actively interacting with each other among Mitakais in European countries, and Keio had even “EU Mitakai”, inviting president of Keio University! Why cannot Waseda do what Keio can do!? That is how we started to contact each Tomonkai in Europe to establish the relationship among Tomonkais. We want to invite our president, Kaoru Kamata who has stayed in Paris twice (for 3 and a half years in total) as a researcher at the event of “EU Tomonkai” in the future.

Ladies and gentleman belonging to Tomonkai in Europe, president Kamata, and other related members of Waseda University, we really appreciate your kind cooperation!
Tsutomu Mizutani

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