Sydney Tomonkai

About the Sydney Tomonkai

The Sydney Tomonkai was established in 1982. There are around 70 members as, in Sydney, there are always many permanent residents and company representatives who are Waseda alumni; international students including current Waseda students; and Australians and people from other countries who have studied at Waseda as international students.

Our main activities include annual general meetings, New Year parties, “Ichigetsukai” which we regularly hold on the first Monday every month, east versus west universities alumni golfing competitions, and lectures. Many such activities are held also as farewell gatherings for returning company representatives and international students. Recently, the Sydney Tomonkai Tokyo Branch was inaugurated by volunteer alumni, and there we continuously provide opportunities for exchanges between the members away from Sydney by holding golfing trips and welcome parties for people returning to Tokyo from Sydney. Furthermore, we have held activities to deepen the relationship with the Sydney Mitakai of Keio University by regularly holding with the Mitakai Keio-Waseda golfing competitions and New Year parties.

We are seeking to make the Sydney Tomonkai a group where the members can feel at home and make most of the merits of being an alumnus/alumna of Waseda. By doing so, we seek to increase the number of our members, even if only slightly, attracting those in Sydney who are Waseda alumni or are closely associated with Waseda.
Takuya Sekine (Graduated in 1999, School of Political Science and Economics)

Annual general meeting

The attractive points of Sydney

On the website of the world-famous guidebook “Lonely Planet”, Sydney was described as follows: “the attractive points about Sydney are the natural, abundant sunlight, the dazzling skyscrapers, restaurants that offer innovative, delicious food, places for luxurious shopping, and its friendly people“. ”It is still an energetic city still under development, where the old and new, and the unsophisticated and sophisticated, coexist in harmony” .

Sydney has an intricate coastline including that of the Bay of Sydney, and is a big city where the ocean is nevertheless very close to people’s everyday lives. Therefore, people often commute via the ferryboats. Although it is a big city, we can still enjoy its natural beauty, and is a very pleasant city to live in. In the summer time when we have longer days, we can enjoy the beaches or playing golf after work!! Please come to stay for a long time in Sydney to enjoy the lifestyle unique to the city when you have the opportunity to do so.
Mari Mukai (Graduated in 2000, School of Law)

The Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor

Fireworks, a special local event for the New Year

Message from the Chairman

Sydney is the largest city in Australia, a country whose economy is strong due to its abundant natural resources. In Sydney, there are many branches and subsidiaries of Japanese companies, and the number of company representatives from Japan is increasing. There are many good universities here including the University of Sydney, and we have international students from Waseda here. There are many Japanese people who have decided to live here permanently, attracted by friendly Aussies, the country’s natural beauty and mild climate, and busy towns full of immigrants. There are also those on working holiday, currently enjoying the attractive city. If I am to express the Sydney Tomonkai in one word, a group of about 70 members made up of people of various generations and backgrounds, it is a “stimulating” group.

The unique activity that we hold is the “Ichigetsukai”, a gathering held on the first Monday every month where anyone can participate if you are an alumnus/alumna of Waseda. The date is selected based on the belief that the busy members would be relatively free and that the date will not be forgotten. It is a gathering where students and people on working holiday will be able to enjoy Japanese food at a very low participation fee.

If you are ever in Sydney on private or business trips, we recommend that you stay here on one of the first Mondays and participate in the “Ichigetsukai”. We will truly welcome you.
Hiroshi Kaji, CEO, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia (Graduated in 1980, School of Commerce)

Messages from the Members

Sydney is a beautiful port town. The Greater Sydney is a multiethnic, multicultural area with a population of over 4.5 million. There are people of various races, and is developing as a sender and accumulator of information to the world. And so is the Sydney Tomonkai. Our members include people who have stayed here for a long time, company representatives from Japan, self-employed people, and students, and our various members are of all ages and both sexes. Including the families of our members, the largest age difference between us is 75 years; however, we enjoy our gatherings that have become possible through our connections with Waseda, and we are a very active Tomonkai, as is typical of those in international cities.

Right now, the presence of Japan is rapidly becoming weak here. This is the time for us to demonstrate to the people in Australia the attractive points about Japan and its competence. “Australia is an important country for Japan, Asia, and Oceania, and for world peace, stability, and prosperity”. Each member is working hard to promote friendship, goodwill, and mutual understanding between Japan and Australia. Please come to visit Sydney.
Masanori Otani (Have been living in Sydney for the past 29 years, graduated in 1961, School of Science and Engineering)

“The foreign exchange system is endlessly attractive”. Time flies, and I am enjoying the 19th summer in the southern hemisphere, which tends to be very hot. I started out as a foreign exchange dealer at the Bank of Tokyo, and after assuming posts in several foreign-affiliated banks, I became the head of the foreign exchange department at the Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank (currently Mizuho Bank ) in 1995, where I stayed until 2007. At present, I am managing a currency fund at Junux Capital Japan, a company affiliated with an investment fund, and am sending out various messages about the market to the investors in Japan.

The attractive points about the world of foreign exchange, where I have stayed for more than 30 years, are that “it is a world of speculation which significantly involves the state of international economy and politics”; and that speculation is different from gambling as “it is about pursuing rationality and challenging irrationality”. If you are interested in foreign exchange (Australian dollars), please see the website of my company.
Minoru Tsuda (Graduated in 1978, School of Law)

It is almost 20 years since I moved to Sydney. In this city where about 1/3 of the residents were born overseas, we respect each other’s originality and various ethnic backgrounds.

Many members of the Tomonkai live here permanently because of the mild climate, high quality of life, and the comfortableness of living here as a Japanese (a foreigner). The rate of permanent residents to all of the members of the Sydney Tomonkai is overwhelmingly higher than that of the Mitakai.

I assume the situation is the same with the Tomonkais throughout the world. Powerfully living overseas, deeply taking root in a foreign land, is truly a mentality of Waseda students and alumni, who are very unique and independent.
Koji Aoki (Graduated in 1986, School of Law)

Sydney Tomonkai Golfing Club

On Monday, January 28th, 2013, the 29th east versus west universities alumni golfing competition was held at Georges River Golf Club in Sydney. (the 28th was a makeup holiday for Saturday, January 26th, which was a holiday, the Australia Day, commemorating the start of immigration in Australia. We were not loafing on the job on a weekday.)

On the previous day, cyclone Oswald brought torrential rain and storm. Although the news that the competition will be held as scheduled came on 4:30 in the morning that day, 70 people representing 15 teams participated in total as previously planned, including the teams of the Tokyo Big 6 (Waseda, Keio, Tokyo, Meiji, Hosei, Rikkyo), Hitotsubashi, Aoyama Gakuin, Sophia, Kwansei Gakuin, Doshisha, and Kobe. We enjoyed fierce battles in the rain. There were eight people from Waseda, second in the number of participants following Keio. We won the title for the fourth time, last time being July, 2011. Our voice singing our school song “Miyako No Seihoku” echoed through the woods in Sydney.

This competition started in 2005, and Waseda started participating in 2006. We have held the competitions three or four times a year. Other than that, the Keio-Waseda golfing competitions have been held 29 times in total since 1982. Waseda won 17 times and lost 12 times. We will be holding the next competition in May, 2013. For the past few years, the number of participants in the golfing competition from the Tomonkai has been decreasing. Please let us know whenever you are coming to Sydney. We are looking forward to welcoming you.
Hitoshi Ishihara (Graduated in 1978, School of Science and Engineering)

The Keio-Waseda golfing competition

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