Supporting Waseda

Your alumni association dues are used to fund scholarships, as well as a variety of activities to support Waseda and current students. Your support is essential to helping us accept students from a wide range of backgrounds and provide an enriching educational and research environment. The students you are supporting will go on to graduate and become supporters themselves. Our philosophy is that any support you give to your alma mater will be passed down to the next generation.

1. Scholarship System

Waseda University scholarships are partially funded by alumni association dues. Every year,
over 200 million yen of annual financial aid goes to support about 1,400 students in need.

Waseda Card
* You must be a resident of Japan to apply for a Waseda Card.
Shopping with your Waseda Card also supports the scholarship fund.

When you shop with your Waseda Card, the credit card company will return the amount of the cooperation charge (0.5% of the purchase amount) to the university and it will be used in full for scholarships.

How much does the Waseda Card contribute to scholarship funds?
[Cumulative total]
¥2,221,886,020(as of October 2021) 

2.Work & Study Abroad Pre-Consultation service

The Work & Study Abroad Pre-Consultation is an online service for Waseda University alumni and current students planning to work or study abroad. This service offers free advice from members of the Tomonkai of the destination country on the local living conditions, business environment, and other practical local information. The service will cover additional countries, cities, and regions as they become available.

Click here for details on the Work & Study Abroad Pre-Consultation service. (Japanese only)

3. 100-Yen Breakfast Project

In our 100-yen breakfast project, our student dining halls provide breakfasts for only 100 yen to encourage healthy eating habits. Not only are the breakfasts appreciated, it’s good for the students to develop the habit of eating a square meal in the morning.

4. Lectures Funded by the Alumni Association

A portion of the alumni dues is used toward lectures funded by the Alumni Association. These lectures include a rich variety of topics in line with student needs, so they can gain deeper insight into Waseda University, learn about specialized fields, and more.

5. Other

Alumni association dues are also used to support the university in a variety of other ways.

  • – Designated donation to the Waseda University Library
  • – Special projects to strengthen sports clubs
  • – Waseda’s Health Study
  • – The Haruki Murakami Library Fundraising Campaign

Waseda needs your support.
Your support can make Waseda a brighter place.