Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the alumni association? +
Because Waseda University graduates become alumni members when they graduate or finish their studies, there is no concept of joining or resigning. (Current undergraduate school/graduate school students are associate members.) The Alumni Association Member Rules state, “Members must pay a fixed amount of dues.” They also state, “The alumni association will mainly serve members who have paid dues” so dues-paying members will be eligible to receive a wider range of services. See the About the Waseda University Alumni Association page for details.
How do I change my personal information? +
Go to View and Update Profile on the MyWaseda menu.
See the Register/Change Personal Information page for details.
For name changes, however, please contact us via the Inquiry Form.
How do I get a certificate issued? +
Certificates for graduates are issued by the Alumni Affairs Section of the Office of the President and each administration. Different undergraduate schools and graduating classes apply through different offices. See the Issuing Certificates page for details.
Current students can use the automatic certificate machine or ask their department’s administration.
* Applications must be made via the contact point or by mail. (Applications submitted by email, fax, or phone are not accepted.)
* It may not be possible to issue some types of certificate on the day of application. Ask at the place of issuance for details.
How do I contact the alumni association support organization/Tomonkai? +
See the Tomonkai -Alumni Network page for a list of international Tomonkai branches.
To get in touch, click the name of the Tomonkai branch to display its article page. You can contact each Tomonkai from the “Email Inquiries” link at the top of the page.
Is it true that all alumni can create a Lifetime Address? +
All alumni can create a Lifetime Address (also called Waseda Mail address) free of charge. You need a Waseda ID to create a Waseda Mail address. You can apply for a Waseda ID online. We hope you’ll take advantage of this service.
See the Register/Change Personal Information page for how to create a Waseda ID.
If you have already created a Waseda ID and Waseda Mail address as a student, you can continue to use it after graduation.
What should I do if I forget my MyWaseda login ID(Waseda Mail address)/password? +
You can have it reissued. See the Forgot your ID(Waseda Mail address)/password? page for details.
Can I stop receiving the Waseda Gakuho and other mailings from the university? +
You can choose either to stop the Waseda Gakuho or to stop all mailings from the university (including the Waseda Gakuho and Homecoming Day invitations). You can change this from the MyWaseda View and Update Profile screen, or through the Inquiry Form. To stop paying membership dues, please contact us via the Inquiry Form.
How do I access the Waseda University Library? +
See the Using the Waseda University Library page for details.
How do I use the Alumni Salon? +
See the Using the Alumni Salon page for details.
What graduating classes are eligible for Homecoming Day this year? +
Eligible classes will receive an invitation in the mail around the beginning of August in the 15th, 25th, 35th, 45th, and 50th years after graduation. Click here for details on Homecoming Day (Japanese only).
Click here for information (Japanese only) on Tomonsai, the alumni festival held on the same day.
What is the Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA) WELBOX? +
The WUAA WELBOX is a welfare service for alumni dues-paying members of the WUAA. In addition to hotels and leisure, WELBOX also includes a variety of options for childcare, self-development, and other things that can help in your daily life. You can create a ID(Waseda Mail address) and use it via MyWaseda, or apply to register from your computer or smartphone (which will take some time). Inquire via the Inquiry Form for details.