Sydney Tomonkai

About the Sydney Tomonkai

The Sydney Tomonkai was established in 1982 and usually has more than 80 members including expats from Japan, Japanese students studying in Australia, current students who came on the working holiday program to discover themselves, and those who are permanent residents of the city. Members have various backgrounds and consist of not only Japanese but also Australians and people from Asian countries who have studied at Waseda. They deepen their friendship through annual meetings, social gatherings, golf competitions, and various Waseda-Keio matches and games. The Tokyo chapter consists of former members of the Sydney Tomonkai and regularly holds social gatherings and golf camps, and thus the exchanges between former members of the Sydney Tomonkai continue even after we return to Japan. Alumni and current students at Waseda, no matter why or how long you are staying at Sydney, please feel free to contact us via the website of the Sydney Tomonkai whenever you are here.
Yujin Suzuki (Graduated in 1994, School of Political Science and Economics)

More than 50 members regularly participate in the Waseda-Keio joint end-of-the-year party, where we compete against each other even when we offer entertainments.

The attractive points of Sydney

European-style historic buildings on the streets, modern high-rise buildings, parks rich in greenery, wharves where ferries come and go, and beautiful beaches…. In restaurants which offer a nice view, local people enjoy talking with each other with a drink in their hands. Sydney is a busy and lively city where buildings and nature coexist. There are about 33,000 Japanese people in Sydney. Japan is popular among local people, and not only Japanese restaurants but also Japanese sundries and food can be found throughout the city. One of the characteristics of Sydney is that the food and culture of various countries including Japan can easily be accessed. On weekends, festivals where you can enjoy art, movies, and cuisine of various countries and regions are held at various places throughout the city. There are many fun events throughout the year including the New Year fireworks countdown, Vivid Sydney where the whole town is lit up, sports events such as the Sydney Running Festival, and the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in mid-summer. Please come and visit this city!
Yoko Yamakawa (Graduated in 2012, School of International Liberal Studies)

The Opera House, the symbol of Sydney

The Light Rail which resumed operation after 60 years

Message from the Chairperson

Although Australia is a country not often talked about compared to the countries in the Western world or Asia, it has established good political and business relationships with Japan. Because of its aggressively pro-immigration policy, about 30% of its population are born outside Australia, and their cultural and economic activities are dynamic. Our Tomonkai is based in Sydney, the largest city in Australia. The Sydney Tomonkai consists of more than 80 members with various backgrounds. There are new discoveries each time we have a regular drinking session, as we are able to listen to talks related to fields unfamiliar to us. There are many opportunities to enjoy exchanges with alumni associations of other universities, and we have a great time enjoying East vs. West university golf competitions and Waseda-Keio matches and games. Although they say Waseda’s students and alumni tend to dislike doing things in groups, social gatherings are different. With other members including those who are as old as our parents or as young as our sons and daughters, we sing together the anthem of our alma mater including the lyrics, “Her students change from year to year, Meet and part with youth’s delight, Yet all alike we seek to share These ideals and their light,” which seems to resonate with the minds of the members of all ages, probably because it coincides with the feelings of the members who are working hard in this country. I would like to ask all Waseda alumni to let us know whenever you are in Sydney.
Michiya Sadamatsu (Graduated in 1987, School of Science and Engineering)

Messages from the Members

Two years have passed since I came to Sydney as an expat. Recently, I think I have come to understand why so many Japanese people become permanent residents of this city. The reasons include its mild climate, its good food and wine, the slow pace and complete joyfulness of its people, its culture of diversity and inclusion nurtured through its history of accepting many immigrants, and its spirit, placing importance on fairness as seen in the fact that memorial services for the war dead are held regardless of their nationality. I have already come to love this country.

In terms of business, I feel that this county is full of potential. Although the area of Australia is about 80% that of the United States, its population is only 25 million. However, the population is growing, mainly due to immigration, and most of the population is concentrated in the five largest cities in Australia including Sydney. Against the background of this population concentration in cities, businesses that the future requires, such as urbanization through investment in infrastructure, rapid introduction of renewable energy, and state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of agriculture and mining will emerge steadily. Now is the time to uphold “The torch of Progress.”
Tadao Saida (Graduated in 1988, School of Commerce)

In the Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan successfully made the top eight and the event ended on a high note. The Japanese team drew attention as a diverse team with many members from different countries. The Sydney Tomonkai is trying to encourage active exchanges in Sydney, the center of a multiethnic nation, by having our members practice “Her students change from year to year, Meet and part with youth’s delight, Yet all alike we seek to share These ideals and their light” regardless of their nationality, age, gender, or occupation. The Sydney Tomonkai is committed to continue sending messages to people in various fields by having our members of diverse backgrounds gather and play active roles in the center of a country full of diversity.
Hiroshi Morita (Graduated in 1994, School of Human Sciences)

More than 20 years have passed since I came to Australia. Sydney has changed into a sophisticated city from a plain city with nature remaining around it. The Sydney Tomonkai has wonderful members including permanent residents, expats, and students. The senior members generously tell us stories of various kinds just because we are Waseda alumni, regardless of our age or title. New members give us a lot of fresh stimulus. Sydney is a perfect place for those who wish to learn practical English and those who would like to work in a multicultural environment. Our kind members at the Tomonkai will be happy to give you a helping hand.
Mariko Toyoda (Graduated in 1994, School of Literature I)

Golfers of the Tomonkai gathered together

Koala bears, the most popular symbol of Australia

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