Malaysia Tomonkai

About the Malaysia Tomonkai

The Malaysia Tomonkai has a history of more than 30 years since its establishment, and at present, has about 120 members. Recently, the number of young members who graduated in the 2010s has increased, and how its members consist of people of all ages and genders, just like how it is in Malaysia, a multiethnic country. Our events include annual general meetings, regularly-held social gatherings and golf competitions to promote friendship, Waseda-Keio golf competitions, intercollegiate golf competitions, and Waseda-Keio joint year-end parties. At such competitions, we take on the opponents as one, wearing the same crimson uniform, to deepen friendship with other universities. The Malaysia Tomonkai is a place where we treasure the rare chance that we are in Malaysia at the same moment, after graduating from the same university. If you are ever in Malaysia, please make sure to let us know. We will give you a big welcome!!
Daisuke Mochizuki (Graduated in 2005, School of Letters, Arts and Sciences Ⅰ)

A scene from an annual general meeting of the Malaysia Tomonkai

The attractive points of Malaysia

Malaysia is a country with an abundance of nature in Southeast Asia which takes about seven hours by air from Japan. The most attractive point of Malaysia is that it is a multiethnic country. In this country where people of various ethnic backgrounds, such as people of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and other origins come and go, we can enjoy delicious cuisine from each ethnicity. Another attractive point of Malaysia is that we can lead stress-free lives even if we stay here for a long time, because the climate is mild throughout the year, and people are pro-Japanese and understand English. Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, is a large city with many skyscrapers such as the Petronas Twin Towers. However, if we go to the suburbs, there are many golf courses, which makes this area a heaven for those who love golf! If we go to the countryside, we can enjoy World Cultural Heritage Sites such as Melaka and George Town (Penang), and in Borneo Island, we can enjoy the jungles and the luxurious beaches. If we use the Malaysian low-cost carrier AirAsia, we can fly to surrounding Southeastern Asian countries and enjoy traveling there with ease and at low cost!
Aoi Kurozumi (Graduated in 2010, School of Political Science and Economics)

The Petronas Twin Towers, the most famous sightseeing spot in the capital city

Message from the Chairperson

I have lived in many countries so far, and I truly think Malaysia is a wonderful country. In this country, people of various racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds live together. Under such situation, there is a culture in which people place importance on “tolerance,” where they accept “diversity” which comes from people speaking different languages and having different lifestyles from one another. The world’s trend is heading toward “exclusiveness” and “uniformity,” and many countries and regions are continuously fighting against each other because they do not accept people who are different from themselves. I think Malaysia is truly wonderful in this regard. There are many pro-Japanese people here, and therefore it is reasonable that Malaysia has been ranked first for 14 years in a row as the country where Japanese people would like to live.

At the Malaysia Tomonkai, more than 100 Waseda alumni happened to get to know each other in this blessed southern country. We spend a productive time involving our families as well as rebuilding the ties with our fellow alumni and friends through events such as golf competitions and social gatherings. We hope to continue deepening our ties, using the Tomonkai as a place for its members to see each other and relax.
Ryuta Katori (Graduated in 1992, School of Social Sciences)

Messages from the Members

Malaysia is a multiethnic and multifaith country with Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and other religious groups. However, there are very few conflicts and disputes here, and therefore, I think Malaysia should be paid more attention by the world as a model case. Here, I am a manager of a sushi-go-round restaurant chain which has acquired Halal Certification. Japanese food is getting more and more popular, and I hope to further spread the Japanese culture though Japanese food.
Akihiko Hijioka (Graduated in 1992, School of Political Science and Economics)

Three and a half years have passed since I came to Malaysia. During that time, I have continued to feel the momentum of Malaysia grow, such as the construction of a tower which is to be the second highest in the world, the political turmoil in 2018, and the strong policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Malaysia Tomonkai is a very active group, gaining power from the momentum of the country. I feel very encouraged every time I see the members of the Tomonkai at its events such as drinking parties and golf competitions, as I feel a very strong (and strange?) sense of solidarity. I hope to play a more active role so that the Malaysia Tomonkai will further exert its presence!
Yu Oda (Graduated in 2011, School of Social Sciences)

Nearly two and a half years have passed since I came to Malaysia. As an expat in Malaysia, I have a chance to meet people whom I would not regularly come into contact with in Japan, as they are of different industries or status. When such people are Waseda alumni like myself, I am even more happy. I am being able to lead a fun, fulfilling life thanks to the Tomonkai, as I can participate in various events such as social gatherings and golf competitions. Especially, I am being able to receive many stimuli from girls’ parties, as I can enjoy close (?) relationships with people of various industries, ages, and status. I am truly grateful for the Tomonkai for giving me the pleasure of having many Waseda alumni as my friends!
Eri Yamaguchi (Graduated in 2014, School of Education)

I again felt at the Malaysia Tomonkai that, wherever I am, I can instantly return to the time at Takadanobaba when I drink with Waseda alumni around a table, regardless of age or industry. And this is what I like about our alumni. Every time you meet someone overseas, you will eventually be forced to part with him/her, however, as we say in our alma mater “Her students change from year to year, Meet and part with youth’s delight, Yet all alike we seek to share, These ideals and their light,” I am very pleased to have been able to get to know our alumni far away from Japan and feel the Everlasting ties with them.
Midori Fukuda (Graduated in 2015, School of Culture, Media and Society)

At the top of Mt. Kinabalu, which is more than 4,000 meters above sea level

Members making double peace signs at a Tomonkai friendship golf competition

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