Dubai Tomonkai

About the Dubai Tomonkai

The Dubai Tomonkai is relatively young, having been inaugurated in October 2020. Yet, it has already grown to over 70 members in just its third year of establishment, similar to the fast-paced growth trajectory of the UAE in its 51 years as a nation. As a hub of the Middle East, our membership mirrors the development of all industries, including business and tourism, and comprises a genuinely diverse group of personalities spanning age and gender. Nevertheless, like the UAE, we are still in the process of development.

Despite the adversity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the dreams of its founders and supporting members, whose ardent desire was realized in the successful establishment of the Dubai Tomonkai, have finally set sail for the future with monthly get-togethers and the Waseda-Keio “SouKei” golf tournaments.

Amidst the continued growth of Dubai, the Dubai Tomonkai will continue to build on new traditions and aim to be a place where alums can always gather and feel at home. So, whether you are about to be expatriated, moving to Dubai, or simply coming to unwind in this desert oasis to enjoy the “world’s best” tour, feel free to get in touch with us.
Hironobu Shibata(Graduated in 1990, School of Commerce)

Founders of the Dubai Tomonkai on the occasion of an executive meeting held at the Consul-General’s official residence

The attractive points of Dubai

Given the extensive media coverage of Dubai in Japan, some of you may have a particular impression of the city. What I find attractive about Dubai is that, rather than a mature and developed city, it is still undergoing urban growth—population growth, land development, school constructions, and so on. The residents tend to like new things, and there is a wealth of opportunities for new businesses.

A large part of the population consists of migrants who transfer part of their monthly salary of AED 1,000–1,500 (approximately JPY 38,000–57,000) back to their home countries. House cleaning and nanny services are available for AED 20–70 (approx. JPY 800–2,700) per hour, which makes the city a comfortable place for professional women to live and raise children while working. The cost of living is also wide-ranging, with commodities priced from high to low.

The flag carrier for the UAE has been hiring Japanese flight attendants for more than 25 years, and since then, numerous Waseda University graduates have been employed, making the city a surprisingly active place for “wasejo” (slang for a female Waseda student or graduate). Among them, there are several “wasejo” graduates who were hired in Japan and have continued to work based in Dubai for nearly 20 years. The Dubai Tomonkai women’s club, which was inaugurated last year, currently has five members, and we hope to increase membership in the future.
Michiko Sugita(Graduated in 1999, School of Commerce)

Palm Jumeirah, an archipelago of artificial islands in the shape of a palm

An active women’s club has also been established

Message from the Chairperson

I landed in Dubai in July 2020 for my first assignment in the Middle East. Having previously been a member of the Malaysia Tomonkai, I naturally sought to join the Tomonkai in Dubai, but was stunned to learn that although there was a Mita-kai in Dubai, no Tomonkai existed yet. Therefore, I asked several our alums, including the Consul-General of Japan in Dubai, to become founders. I also published a notice in the local Japanese Association newsletter, which instantly attracted 60 members, of a total of 3,000 Japanese residents in Dubai. Today, in its third year of establishment, the scope of its activities is expanding gradually and includes regular gatherings and golf tournaments with other universities.

The year 2022 marked the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and the UAE. As such, the Dubai Tomonkai will also strive to promote exchanges between the two countries through various activities in the future.
Kenji Ota(Graduated in 1986, School of Law)

Messages from the Members

As is typical in many countries, golf is one of the main activities of the Dubai Tomonkai, and since last year, we have been holding the Waseda-Keio “SouKei” golf tournament twice a year. Although the Mita-kai won by a narrow margin last spring, the Tomonkai displayed its prodigious golfing prowess in autumn, winning by a landslide in both gross and net scores. While the UAE is a young country with a mere 51-year history since the founding of the federation and the Dubai Tomonkai is only in its third year of establishment, we hope that our activities, including golf, will increase in Dubai and forge 50 more historic years.
Noboru Sekiguchi(Graduated in 1991, School of Political Science and Economics)

Tomonkai won the Waseda-Keio “SouKei” golf tournament in autumn 2022!

On my second overseas assignment, I expatriated alone, and given the COVID-19 pandemic, found it difficult to make new acquaintances; however, when I heard about the inauguration of the Dubai Tomonkai, I decided to join immediately. I thoroughly enjoy the invaluable opportunities to get together with Tomonkai members, irrespective of age, and engage in lively conversation, as though we were all in Takadanobaba. This year, I have been appointed head of event planning department, and I hope to make the Dubai Tomonkai even more active.
Koji Shimada(Graduated in 2006, School of Law)

Although Dubai gives the impression of being mysterious and glamorous, activities like marathons, swimming, and triathlon races are held every week during the cooler winter months. Another aspect of Dubai’s appeal is that it offers an environment in which people of all ages and genders can participate. I have been residing in Dubai for roughly three years, and I am also a member of a local sports club, where I make use of the stamina I developed as a member of the Waseda University Swim Team, in keeping with my enterprising spirit. I enjoy the charms of Dubai to my heart’s content by participating in races alongside people from various countries.
Miyako Oshima(Graduated in 2013, School of Social Sciences)

Dubai is renowned for epitomizing luxury and opulence. With its exclusive hotels lining the coast, towering skyscrapers, and overflowing “world’s best,” it is a testament to the sheer magnitude of “oil money.” However, a 30-minute drive away from the city presents a completely different world. The desert stretches out before you, and you may even encounter rows of camels walking along the road. By all means, I invite you to visit Dubai and discover the unexpected. (There are over five golf courses within a 15–30 minute drive from the city, and the Waseda-Keio “SouKei” golf tournament is also very active, making it a perfect place for golf enthusiasts.)
Yu Yamamura(Graduated in 2017, International Liberal Studies)

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