Alumni Association in Taiwan

About the Alumni Association in Taiwan

The Alumni Association in Taiwan was founded in 1960. We are now into our 62nd year.

Our first Chairperson, Huang Chao-chin, served for 12 years. He was also mayor of Taipei City for a period. According to our archives, the first Taiwanese student to study at Waseda University was Huang Zuhan, who graduated in 1913.

Currently, there are about 350 members of the Alumni Association in Taiwan who are keeping in touch with one another using the LINE messaging app. A government-approved organization, the Alumni Association has 17 directors and 5 auditors who are elected every 2 years as per our regulations, with new directors / auditors announced on the day that they are elected. We hold a general meeting every November, where we host many special guests, including past Presidents and members of other Tomonkais across Japan that support our association.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic prevented Japanese guests from attending our 2020 General Meeting, in December of that year, we were able to invite members of the alumni associations of four Japanese universities (University of Tokyo and Keio, Meiji, and Hosei Universities) to the first Tokyo Five University Alliance Dinner at the restaurant Dingxian (serving seafood) on the 86th floor of the Taipei 101 Building. This first joint activity by the five alumni associations was a resounding success, bringing together the chairpersons and other members of the five associations but also featuring an address by Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen.
Jang Hueylih(Graduated in 1990, School of Literature Ⅰ)

In December 2020, the first Tokyo Five University Alliance Dinner took place.

The attractive points of Taiwan

Due to the border restrictions associated with COVID-19, the tourism industry in Taiwan has been dormant for the past 2 years. However, at this time, major updates and improvements were made to the tourism landscape.

Taipei, which attracts the largest share of tourists in Taiwan, is a highly convenient city, from which visitors can visit the seaside, the mountains, Beitou Hot Springs, or nearly anywhere they wish within about an hour. Near Taipei Station in the center of the city is the old townscape of Dadaocheng, which flourished in the 18th century and offers a glimpse into the life and culture of Taiwan, including period architecture, examples of traditional culture, tea shops, fabric shops, Chinese herbal pharmacies, and food stalls.

Taiwan is most remarkable for its warm-hearted locals and the wide variety of budget-friendly food that it offers. There are 14 night markets in Taipei City alone, each close to an MRT subway station, making them easy to visit to enjoy tapioca milk tea or mango shaved ice. The use of a map navigation app can further facilitate safe and pleasant strolls around Taiwan.
Jang Hueylih(Graduated in 1990, School of Literature Ⅰ)

The Taiwanese specialty served: Mango shaved ice

A tour was given of the picturesque 18th century architecture in Taiwan

Message from the Chairperson

Hello everyone. I am Go Shin’you, and I have been the Chairperson of the Alumni Association in Taiwan since 2022. The Alumni Association in Taiwan currently has about 350 members, each of whom is a dynamic embodiment of the spirit and education of their alma mater Waseda and an active and positive contributor to and influence on the Taiwanese communities to which they belong.

The Alumni Association in Taiwan hosts a range of activities every year. In March, more than 150 Waseda and Keio alumni come together and participate in the joint New Year’s Conference, where the President and Vice President of Taiwan and other distinguished guests give addresses. In November, the General Meeting is held, attended by the President and Tomonkai members from all over Japan, followed by events like golfing and travel that are held on the following day. Further, a semi-annual Half-Yearly Meeting is held for younger members, as well as the bimonthly Wednesday Club for seniors and the time-honored Waseda-Keio golf tournament.

Beyond these events, this year we have established four committees that are operating within the association to develop and organize the Alumni Association in Taiwan, help junior members to develop, strengthen ties with our alma mater, and promote exchanges with Japan. These are the general affairs, activities, exchange, and finance committees, each led by a chief committee member. I hope this establishment will improve the operational efficiency of the Alumni Association in Taiwan and that during my term of office, we will be able to network even more closely with the Taipei Tomonkai and other Tomonkais across Japan.

Go Shin’you
(Graduated in 1994 with a master’s degree, Graduate School of Commerce)

Messages from the Members

I am the head of Alumni Association in Taiwan’s Wednesday Club, and that was founded in 2008 mainly for members 60 years old and up. This club is named for its meeting time, the fourth Wednesday of even-numbered months. These meetings take place in a hotel and are usually attended by about 20 people, who dine together and listen to lectures in Japanese on a variety of topics, relating to politics and economics as well as, for example, the history of the Japanese colonial period. We also go on day trips to various locations in Taiwan to stroll about or go on cultural exploration tours. We invite the Japanese alumni in our age bracket to join us when they visit Taiwan.
Cheng Zhong mo(Graduated in 1966 with a master’s degree, Graduate School of Law)

Wednesday Club for 60-somethings and older

If there has been a shining moment in my life, I am sure that participating in the Alumni Association in Taiwan of Waseda University is one of them. We who are members of the Alumni Association in Taiwan are actively driving interactions between Taiwan and Japan and are committed to facilitating coordination with our alma mater and improving Japan-Taiwan relations. The Alumni Association in Taiwan is united in our solidarity with Waseda University in hosting the 100th Anniversary of the Taiwan Tournament and the Tokyo Five University Alliance Dinner. Let us all join forces and walk hand in hand to continue deepening our bonds of friendship and our bonds with our alma mater.
Elisa, Shin-Yi Fu(the third grade at Graduate School of Law)

The past two years have flown by since I graduated, but the first day of university still feels like yesterday. My fondest memories of Waseda are of the days that I spent with you, as we struggled and laughed together, going out for drinks in Takadanobaba walking to the university, and so on. Last year, I participated in an event held by the Alumni Association in Taiwan for the first time. It was such a thrill to see my old friends again, as well as the students older than me who had been so kind to me. Although the impact of COVID still lingers, I look forward to singing the school song with all of you again.
Chang Wen-yueh(Graduated in 2020, School of Political Science and Economics)

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