Frankfurt Tomonkai

About the Frankfurt Tomonkai

Frankfurt Tomonkai was established in October 1993. Currently, we have 27 members who mostly live in Frankfurt, Hessen or Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz. We hold drinking parties, run in marathons as a team and enjoy golf competitions against the Mitakai so that our members and other people concerned living far away from their homeland will be able to gather and deepen exchanges. Although we “meet and part” and the members “change from year to year” (from Miyako no Seihoku), we enjoy such opportunities hoping that the Tomonkai will develop further as an excellent place for Waseda alumni to feel free to get together in a foreign country.
Hidekazu Taniguchi (Graduated in 1998, School of Political Science and Economics)


The attractive points of Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a city with a history as a commercial town; however, it is also known to be filled with natural beauty, with green trees everywhere even at small open spaces or beside the roads. There are many parks and green areas, both large and small, within the city; no one is surprised to see wild rabbits and squirrels running in the green areas in the commercial districts. There is even a small vineyard to make wines, owned by the city, on the hills in the northern part of the city.

If you travel a little away from the city center, you will see both mountains and valleys, and you can enjoy beautiful scenery that shows the changing seasons. If you drive 20 minutes north, you will reach the Taunus mountain region. In wooden area of the Taunus mountain region which extends about 75 kilometers long parallel to the Main, there are remains from the Roman period which are on the UN world heritage list, and an outdoor museum with collections of buildings from the old times. In the forest, since there are trails running right and left, you can easily enjoy hiking.

Along the Rhine in the southwest of the Taunus mountain region, there is a famous wine-producing area called Rheingau. Utilizing its comparatively warm climate with its northern border protected by the mountains, there are vineyards even on the steep hills. We can also feel free to enjoy day-long stroll surrounded by beautiful nature in the area.
Yukino Ogawa (Graduated in 1984, School of Law)

A vineyard with trees with colored leaves

Main in autumn

Message from the Chairperson

Three years and a half have already passed after I came to Frankfurt as a company representative on the occasion of the acquisition of an overseas operation.

When we talk about Germany, Japanese people could feel that Dusseldorf is more familiar than Frankfurt. However, Frankfurt is not losing! Located almost at the center of the continental Europe, Frankfurt is supporting the favorable German economy as the center of the financial, chemical, and telecommunications industries and as a place that has a hub airport. It has the well-known European Central Bank, and it also is a place noted in connection with a great writer Johann W. V. Goethe. It is also the starting point of the Romantic Road with places which remind us of the middle ages.

Compared to other overseas Tomonkais, the Frankfurt Tomonkai has shorter history and smaller number of members. I would like the Frankfurt Tomonkai to develop as a group where the Waseda alumni who happened to be in Frankfurt can deepen the relationships with each other, and where the members struggling to acquire German language skills yet supporting the German economy can work hard and learn from others.

Come to Frankfurt! Join us at the Frankfurt Tomonkai!
Takashi Sugiyama (Graduated in 1991, School of Law)

Messages from the Members

I quit a general trading company in 1992 after working for it for 10 years, and then I joined a German bank in Frankfurt. After working for it for a few years, I set up a business. I thought that in order for a Japanese company to succeed in Germany, it is most important for it to be able to hire excellent local staff members. Therefore, I established a recruitment agency in 1999 for Japanese companies in Germany. I started this business alone; however, at present, there are seven career consultants in total in the offices in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich. We have found employment for about 1,000 people in more than 500 Japanese companies in Germany during the 16 years after establishment. We seek to continue to support Japanese companies actively playing their roles in Germany.
Kazuma Tanida (Graduated in 1982, School of Political Science and Economics)

It is already five years after I started to work for a German company. One of my seniors at the company was a Waseda alumnus, and he invited me to join the Frankfurt Tomonkai. The photo below was taken at the Frankfurt Marathon participated by the volunteers who responded to the encouragement by the former Manager Toru Iniwa (Graduated in 2000, School of Political Science and Economics) to take part. Four people ran about 10 kilometers respectively, and all of the participants made it to their goal (We completely won against the Mitakai team!). The German beers we had at the Tomonkai gathering that night were exceptionally good! The fact that we are able to strongly feel we graduated from Waseda even in a foreign country is one of the best things about the Tomonkai.
Masaumi Otake (Graduated in 2002, Graduate School of Engineering)

We completed the marathon race!

I live in Mainz which is about 40 minutes by car from Frankfurt, the financial center. I suppose many people have recently heard of Mainz because of a soccer team called Mainz05 to which a player representing Japan belongs. Located along the Rhine River, it is a small capital of a federal state with less than 300 thousand people; however, its residents never get tired of this city as various events are held from May to September including music festivals, science festivals, and cross-cultural exchange events.

Although I cannot participate in the events of Frankfurt Tomonkai every time, the Tomonkai welcomes members who share the same experiences at Waseda as a student. And therefore the members make me feel that, for a little while, we have gone back some time together. And the Tomonkai’s atmosphere is not only welcoming but is also stimulating .
Hiroaki Kiriyama (Graduated in 1997, School of Social Sciences)

I graduated from the School of Culture, Media and Society as one of the first-batch graduates, and started to work for a local subsidiary in Frankfurt in the autumn of 2014. Frankfurt is an especially international city compared to other cities in Germany, and is a comfortable place to live in where a culture of respecting others is deeply rooted. It is also a city where efficiency and self-responsibility are sought both officially at work and privately.

Almost a year has passed since I came to Germany. Every day, I learn new things from my friends of various nationalities and from the people at the Tomonkai. In order to realize the idea I have come up with here in Frankfurt, after I return to Japan I would like to study again at Waseda where there are a lot of unique people.
Asuka Nakamura (Graduated in 2011, School of Culture, Media and Society)

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