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About the Jakarta Tomonkai

The Japanese restaurant “Kikugawa” which still remains in Jakarta. According to the record of the 1st secretary Takashi Kataoka (School of Commerce 1959). Jakarta Tomonkai was established on November 14, 1975 by Shoichi Matsumoto (School of Commerce 1951) and 13 expat volunteers working for Shosha or textile companies who held a meeting in Kikugawa. It has been 35 years since then. Though the Tomonkai members repeat “in” and “out”, Waseda’s tradition has been inherited constantly. Now we have about 60 members.

Recently, the main activities are golf and social gathering. As for golf, we have Waseda vs. Keio golf tournament twice a year, and Waseda vs. Doshisha tournament once or twice a year. We have a record of 10-game winning streak in Waseda-Keio tournament until the match in the spring of 2009. There was a seasonal tradition of talks after the game by the famous 2 chairmen; Takeshi Abe who served as a chairman of Jakarta Tomonkai for nearly 20 years, and Seturo Nagai who served as a chairman of Jakarta Mitakai for nearly 30 years and passed away last year.

Last year, we started social gathering called “Kome-kome Kai”. We give a carved wooden name plate made of jati (teak) to the members who are going back to Japan.

Japanese Restaurant “Kikugawa”, the venue of the 1st Tomonkai meeting in 1975.
Kome-kome Kai. Those who are going back to Japan are given a carved wooden name plate

The attractive points of Jakarta

Jakarta is a capital of Indonesia. Jakarta’s population is nearly 10 million, boasting for being one of the great cities in Asia. The city has significantly developed its economy. On both sides of the main street, we can see modern shopping malls and high-end hotels. When we step into the backside of those buildings, however, we see scenery of old town of rank and file people called Kampung.

Overcoming Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 and collapse of Soeharto regime in 1998, Indonesia began to step forward to democratization. When the president Yudhoyono was reelected in 2009 after the global financial crisis in 2008, the country’s economic growth rate exceeded 6% in 2010. Today, many foreign investors are paying attention to Indonesia’s giant market of 237 million people (No. 4 in the world).

Indonesia is a major supplier of LNG (liquefied natural gas) to Japan, while Japanese major manufacturers have been entering into Indonesian market since late 1960s, which shows a close bilateral relationship. Because Indonesia is one of the main friendly nations to Japan, more than 95% of its automotive/motorcycle market are occupied by Japanese manufacturer.

Nostalgic Scenery of Kampung

The Present Modern Jakarta

Message from the Chairman

I was asked to succeed to the predecessor Mr. Ihara and assumed as the 5th chairman of Jakarta Tomonkai in 1993. I always thought I cannot stay in this position for a long time as the former Indonesian President Soeharto did, but it has already been 18 years. One of characteristics of this Tomonkai is that we have many Indonesian members including the vice chairman, Anwar Pulukadang. So, we always keep cooperation between Japanese and Indonesian in mind to make this Tomonkai fit in to this region.

The main activities are golf and luncheon/dinner. As most of our members work busily here in Jakarta, so we are careful not to give the member too much burden in participating events. We want to make Tomonkai which members can enjoy at ease, and make it live longer. On the other hand, we hope Tomonkai will be an organization where all the members can immediately get together for cooperation and help if anything happens, as we started fund raising campaign for our fellow alumnis and current students afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Indonesian growth was relatively low until lately, but it is one of the few countries in the world which has a bright future. Indonesia is also a country where Japanese can live comfortably. I believe it is our mission to expand Jakarta Tomonkai slowly but steadily without extinguishing the torch of Waseda to strengthen the relation further between Japan and Indonesia.
Takeshi Abe (Graduated in 1966, School of Science and Engineering)

The Traditional Waseda vs. Keio Golf Tournament

Messages from the Members

After I graduated from Indonesian high school, I learnt Japanese for 1 year. Then, I entered Department of Resources and Environmental Engineering of School of Science and Engineering. After that, I went on to the Graduate School, participated in training in mine, and came back to Indonesia in 1970. It was hard to make my Japanese understood, but thanks to the kind supports of my peers, seniors, and teachers, I became a “Waseda lover” in 8 years. Now I regard Japan as my second homeland.

Under the conviction of “creating a golden bridge between Japan and Indonesia”, I have actively participated in Tomonkai’s golf, softball, social gathering from an initial stage of its establishment. A new energy springs from my heart when I loudly sing Waseda’s school songs, “Miyako no Seihoku” and “Konpeki no Sora”. Always full of pep, and build a brilliant future with hope…it is a spirit of Waseda. It is true Indonesia has a lot of social problem, but Japan also has a serious problem of “declining children and aging society”. There is even a fear that only one Japanese would remain several hundreds of years later.

I engage in Tomonkai’s activities day by day with the resolution to “contribute to the problem solving by strengthening cooperation worldwide and thinking seriously about those problems”.
Anwar Pulukadang, Vice Chairman (Graduated B.S. in 1967, M.S. in 1969, School of Science and Engineering)

Members are as robust as warriors, always straight-forward, so I can enjoy talking and laughing with them. I am so happy to have “Waseda-like” peers in Jakarta Tomonkai, who make me comfortable.

For new comers to Indonesia, Tomonkai is so helpful because they can get advice from the members in various fields in case of emergency, amid an uneasy life in the land not familiar with. I also like the atmosphere of the exchange event with Mitakai all the better because we are all in foreign country.

I have served as Secretary General of Jakarta Tomonkai since 2000. I always feel thankful to every active member of Jakarta Tomonkai led by the chairman Takeshi Abe, successive secretaries Naohisa Hosoya, Danjiro Kajita, Tadasi Ishibashi, Shuji Kawabata, Tomokazu Nakamura who contributed to our 10 consecutive victories of golf tournament, Tomoko Otani, Ikuko Matsunaga, and Akira Osugi, and all other members.
Kotaro Kitamura, Secretary General (Graduated in 1978, School of Law)

Both my wife, Makiko (graduated from School of Education) and I play golf, and we have participated in Tomonkai events for 5 years. Only Tomonkai give us a chance to enthusiastically enjoy playing golf in a couple. We can yell for joy together when we won the golf tournament with Keio or Doshisha. We are happy both of us graduated from the same university and share the same hobby.
Takao Kanai (Graduated in 1974, School of Science and Engineering)

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