Shanghai Tomonkai

About the Shanghai Tomonkai

The Shanghai Tomonkai is where the Waseda alumni and past international students gather, in the tremendously fast developing city, Shanghai, known as the “Dragon of the Rising Nation”, where the Japanese population is larger than any other cities in China. Since many gather and many leave, it is difficult to grasp an accurate number of members; however, there are more than 450 registered members and including “hidden Shanghai Tomonkai” members, the number rises to the 700 and 800s. There is no doubt that it is one of the biggest Tomonkai in the world.

Every 3rd Wednesday of every month there is a regular meeting at Japanese restaurant “Makoto” (owned by parent and child; therefore, two generations of Tomonkai members), and an estimated 50 members attend these meetings. They host many subcommittee activities, such as golf gatherings, regular events, gatherings of people in the same club activities, gatherings of people in the same major and even international marriage gatherings.

Shanghai’s charm is, above all else, the energy of the city itself. The majority of Japanese people who arrive this city will be surprised, stimulated, excited, and will discover their further potential. This is why it is the perfect place for Tomonkai members that always want to do more with their lives. This is probably why members of the Shanghai Tomonkai stimulate and help each other regardless of age, and are filled with energy to make something new.

Year-end Party

The attractive points of Shanghai

Shanghai is the most densely populated international city in China, where 23 million people live, in the space of approximately 6341km2. It has developed into a place where international Great Powers including Japan, settle. The traditional settlement place and the new recent economic developments exist in complete harmony, in this unique city.

Shanghai’s history only goes back 170 years, and before the Second World War, the European and American Great Powers and Japanese secret agents act secretly, fighting for new land, and Shanghai made its name as the most appealing and dangerous city. In 1949, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Shanghai became key in China’s economic recovery, and after the 1980s, during the Reform and Open Door Policy, Shanghai drastically raised its status, to being a “Symbol of the Chinese modern city”, where with regards to the last 100 years of modern Chinese history, Shanghai is the center.

In Shanghai, there are approximately 4,500 Japan-related companies, and as a result this city has the largest population of Japanese people that stay long term. There are 2 Japanese Schools, one to the east of Huangpu River and one in the west, with a total of 2,700 students, which makes it the biggest Japanese school in the world.
Toshimasa Egashira, Chief Secretary(Graduated in 1990, School of Science and Engineering)

Back street

The Shanghai World Financial Center and the Jin Mao Tower

Message from the Chairperson

I took over the Shanghai Tomonkai Chairperson position from Mr. Kobayashi in October 2011.

In fast expanding China, Shanghai especially, has the biggest number of members in the world. Last year, the regular monthly meeting consisted always of 50-60 people, and with the continuous flow of new members, we continue to deepen cultural exchanges. The other main activity of the golf gatherings have been going well, with wins against Shanghai University in August, Tokyo 6 University in October, Keio University in November, and Doshisha University in December. All members are currently practicing to gain consecutive wins in the Spring Competition.

This year, we hope to support even further Tomonkai members that are struggling in Shanghai, and host events where families can participate, and increase exchange between Chinese international students and the Japanese.

Each and every member has progressive spirits, participating in events eagerly, and bringign a lot of energy to the Tomonkai. I myself hope to meet even more Tomon members.
Yasushi Ito (Graduated in 1979, School of Education)

The 6 Universities’ Golf Competition

The Wase-jo (Girls of Waseda) Club

Messages from the Members

”Make great friends and build strong relationships at Waseda!” This is what my father, a graduate of Waseda University, used to tell me all the time, since when I was little. I met a lot of friends and great people during my time at the university too, but in Singapore where I was the former post, and here in Shanghai, I met Tomon members that I know I will treasure for the rest of my life.

In Shanghai, there are many reunions, and the golf competitions are very passionate. Though team member come and go, these middle-aged men will cry when they lose, and celebrate when they win. In 2011, we won against the National Universities (40 schools, 320 players), Tokyo 6 Universities (6 schools, 100 players), Keio University, and Doshisha University, and I remember drinking and singing our school song with my friends.

Father, thanks to you, I am surrounded by great friends in Shanghai too.
Shoichiro Isa (Graduated in 1995, School of Commerce)

On January 14th, we hosted a New Year (Shinnennkai) Tomonkai event, for members and their families. A total of 96 people participated, and we had many gifts from sponsors, played many games, had performances, and overall, had a great time. I love this “hodgepodge” feeling of Waseda.

We have a lot of young members, and female members. Other than the regular meetings, we meet with people from our majors, with other young members, or with just females. Whenever you are in Shanghai, please stop by the Shanghai Tomonkai♪
Fumiko Yamada (Graduated in 2001, School of Commerce)

I found a Waseda in Shanghai! My first job was in Shanghai. I had no prior knowledge, when I first came to Shanghai. It was the most powerful, fast changing city I had ever seen. However, the first time I went to the Shanghai Tomonkai, I felt nostalgia, in a comforting environment. It took me back to the night I ate Ramen after a lot of drinking in Takadanobaba. I was nicknamed the “Human Ramen Machine” that night. Where do the people that go, go? People that have the Waseda DNA, are always meeting somewhere creating new relationships. Always changing, yet staying the same. That is what you can find at the Shanghai Tomonkai!
Takahiro Yonezawa (Graduated in 2002, School of Education)

The Mystery of the number of members

There are 650 members listed in the Shanghai Tomonkai members’ list. However, above, under the About the Shanghai Tomonkai, it says, “there are more than 450 registered members”. Why is this? The truth is that the Shanghai Tomonkai has a Tokyo branch that includes members that have come back to Japan from Shanghai. This is a very active branch, where relationships made in Shanghai are broadened, and continued over time. The Tokyo branch welcomes members that come back after residing in Shanghai.

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